A task it’s tough and rough to accomplish
To stay inside, alone, waiting for it to finish;
While even the day dawns with a huge sigh,
Oblivious of what else can make you high;
When thy spirit aspires to soar over clouds,
Yet, thy dreams shatter if thou run in crowds;

An agony it is if thou linger behind that veil,
Only if thou grasp not how to gain a lost smile;
I do possess a trick, nothing short of a magic
To light your woes, alike flame on a candlewick;
‘Hope’, a word so short, yet it makes you float
In stormy seas of gloom, like a mighty boat;

Simple it may seem, profound when it seam
Shattered pieces to life, clearing smile to gleam;
I let my hope, a mighty bird, fly in shining skies
Beyond those fancy lands, where my freedom lies;
Me on its shoulder, it guides me into nature
While I observe bliss on that elegant creature

Its flight lets me glide in timeless realms of peace
While it fixes back the smile to me, piece by piece;
If it ain’t for that bird, my joy would’ve shrunk
In waves of woes, my vessel would have sunk;
‘Hope’, it charges my spirit with loads of strength 
To fight against oddities of life to any length