Radha- Krishna: A tale of Love

Radha’s eyes quested for her love, her consort,
In gardens of Vrindavan, their usual resort;
Amidst peepal, amla, kadamb and banyan trees
Asked she birds and bees, trees and breeze
If they saw Krishna, only to be answered in silence.
Full moon it was, yet dark without his presence,
Even lilies and lotuses failed to grab her attention,
While her weary heart longed for his affection.
Or it was her eyes, turned blind to nature’s charms.

She thought- ‘What beauty can match his grace?’
In his dreams, lost, she fell down on her face.
Even in pain, ‘Krishna’ was all her lips could utter,
In a blink appeared her lover, rushing to her.
Ecstasy overflowed her heart, poured out tears of joy.
Her face shone bright, lesser was the moon in sky;
Tenderly, he embraced Radha and lifted her on her toes.
Mighty he’s, yet weak to look in those eyes envied by does,
It’s such a moment when silence triumphed over words.

Power of love it is that effected him to feel vulnerable,
After all, intense devotion makes utterance ineffable;
Rested she, while he played the flute, on his shoulder.
A melody it was, mesmerises souls of every creature.
To that pleasant tune, danced they, immersed in love,
On the banks of Yamuna, with starlit heavens above;
A tale of eternal love and devotion it is, a tribute
Dedicated to thee, the writer behind my words,
I bow to thee, O mighty Lord, O divine Jagannath.

My Prayer to Supreme Consciousness

O God, where’s light – ‘the spark of life’?
So I can see – ‘the happy me’.
In the mirror, I can see mere reflections,
But not myself – ‘the real me’.

I can see the fun, but not happiness,
Not that bliss – ‘a joy within’.
Many to support around, yet no peace,
I burn in their ego, their pride.

O God, Take my eyes, not my mind,
Grant me sight to look within.
Take away that support, not my peace,
Make me strong to rise in pain.

Make me capable of helping those in need,
A selfless service, without return.
O God, I’m your child, I strive and thrive
Grant me my wings so I can fly.

A Night At Beach

Sat I, on a beach, amidst twilight shadows
Where drifting tides touch my feet;
With Sun at rest, crescent moon shone bright,
Twinkled, a million stars, like pearls
Freshly acquired from south sea oysters;

Some, sparkled bright at centre,
Forming lovely shapes, sky was their canvas;
Some appeared to rise from water,
After a bath, at distant union of sea and sky
Illusion it is, but a great spectacle;

And, some more around a star on the ground,
A lighthouse, standing tall in pride
Beneath night’ skies, it glowed like North star;
In those dark waters, the sailors’ guide
Signalled ships, keeping dangers much at far;

A moment it was calm, pleasant
When rested I, on a bed of sand, closing eyes;
A cool breeze touched my face
Like a sweet kiss from a yearning lover’s lips;
Rhythmic tides filled music in ears

The melody, delightful, nature is its composer;
Tipsy I felt, sipping nature’s beauty
Even the best of wines can’t match that delicacy;
A night at beach under star-lit skies,
Dreamland for sure, on a scorching summer eve;

Birds in an Open-top Cage

When hurdles haunt us to be upset
All that our eyes need to watch is the beauty of sunset;
The strength in falling droplets of a pleasant rain
Can vanquish all our excruciating pain;
When we indulge in service to make the world better
Like a gracious tree that provides fruits and shelter,
Nothing in this universe would seem good or bad;

So, quit complaining to find Nature’s joy, and be glad;
Each of us took a birth of incredible worth
So never give up hope while you’re on Earth
If we think our life neither have purpose nor reason
We’re nothing but birds in an open-top prison;
When we realise beauty of life by widening our vision,
Every day will become a flourishing spring season.

The Tale Of Woe

She awoke trembling in fear, wholly drenched in sweat,
Crumbling into uncontrollable tears of anguish and fret;
Once a girl full of life with dreams yet to fulfil in her vault,
Now confined to fears and tears after the sexual assault;

Once she was spirited and social, confident and comic,
But now, the mere thought of a person shudders her in panic;
Her once vivid and dreamy eyes faded into gloom and despair
And her once cheerful life turned into a desolate and dreary affair

Those scars over her skin healed with time into oblivion,
But those on her soul stayed fresh as the day they were given
Even with all that pain, she hoped for some solace in her allies,
But vultures all around pierced her soul further with judging eyes

She was not the culprit, but a victim of a demonic exploit
Yet, she was the one forced to bear a dark crucifix of guilt
Falling and failing to live through that excruciating torment
She found death as her only ray of sunshine in that twilight.

Immerse in consciousness

When you learn your body isn’t main,
There won’t be a reason to cry ’cause of pain;
Pain and misery will become mere illusions,
Once you know thy soul is a fragment of the divine;
Conquer self through devotional routine,
And connect your soul to God, the supreme;
It’s how you immerse in true consciousness,
A state of joy where your soul feels pure bliss.

Hope- “In quarantine days”

A task it’s tough and rough to accomplish
To stay inside, alone, waiting for it to finish;
While even the day dawns with a huge sigh,
Oblivious of what else can make you high;
When thy spirit aspires to soar over clouds,
Yet, thy dreams shatter if thou run in crowds;

An agony it is if thou linger behind that veil,
Only if thou grasp not how to gain a lost smile;
I do possess a trick, nothing short of a magic
To light your woes, alike flame on a candlewick;
‘Hope’, a word so short, yet it makes you float
In stormy seas of gloom, like a mighty boat;

Simple it may seem, profound when it seam
Shattered pieces to life, clearing smile to gleam;
I let my hope, a mighty bird, fly in shining skies
Beyond those fancy lands, where my freedom lies;
Me on its shoulder, it guides me into nature
While I observe bliss on that elegant creature

Its flight lets me glide in timeless realms of peace
While it fixes back the smile to me, piece by piece;
If it ain’t for that bird, my joy would’ve shrunk
In waves of woes, my vessel would have sunk;
‘Hope’, it charges my spirit with loads of strength 
To fight against oddities of life to any length

मीलों और अभी हमे जाना हैं

मीलों और अभी हमे जाना हैं
कंधों पे हँसी लेके अनजान रास्तों को आजमाना हैं

मीलों और अभी हमे जाना हैं
इस डर से अनजान कि‌ घर भी हमे जाना हैं

ख्वाब आंखों में लिए मजबूरी को मुस्कुराकर हमे अपनाना हैं
मीलों और अभी हमे जाना हैं

खाली हाथों से पकड़ कर माँ की अंचल में सो जाना हैं
मीलों और अभी हमे जाना हैं

कल तक काफी परेशान था मैं
अपने ही घर से निकाले जाने पर हैरान था मैं

टूटे घर फटे कपड़ो से लाचार था मैं
आज इन्सान के असली दर्द को जाना हैं

आज पैसा नहीं अपनों का होंसला मुझे बढ़ाना हैं
मीलों और अभी हमे जाना हैं

झूलझती धूप हो या सर्दी, तेज बारिश हो या तूफान
इस गरीब को मीलों और अभी जाना हैं

Life of a little flower

A flower I am; opened my eyes
To the gentle touch of a warm sunrise
A soft breeze kissed my petal,
Welcoming me into the world to settle

My body swirled with air
While my fragrance started to flair
Bright and colourful was my day
Until a harsh hand plucked me away

Pain flooded through my stalk
While I fell helplessly into a cloth sack
In moments came another hand,
And forcefully strung me into a garland

A day it was bright and beautiful
Yet, it made me feel weak and mournful
Little did I feel happy with such life
While all those struggles increased my grief

Only then, I opened my eyes to notice
That I was hanging as the creator’s necklace
A sense of joy and peace I found at most
As I closed my eyes while serving him at last


Life is a playful poem,
Written throughout the journey in time;
Moments are its verses,
And, our dreams and goals, the imagery;

Ups and downs in life,
The stresses in syllables of a metric foot;
Milestones we reach,
Marks the end-verse of its every stanza;

If thought in-depth,
Poetry and life, both have resemblances;
In their own way,
They leave impressions behind their steps;

A great poem,
By its words, invokes delightful emotions;
A great poet
By his works, inspires people around him;

Expressing emotions through poems is all this blog is about. After all, life itself is like a beautiful poem.

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