Amidst azure skies, I saw a soaring kite,
Gliding high in the wind with an unstoppable Might;
Red it was, like a freshly plucked cherry
It swirled with the wind, round and round, in a flurry.

I owned one alike when I was a little boy
It filled my days and nights, for a fortnight, full of joy.
When I was nine, on a chilling winter day,
I saw kites in the sky, and I too wanted one to play;

Rushed I, to my mamma, with that thought
For her ribbon and strings, to make my own little kite.
Pasted and wasted, lots of glue and paper
Awhile it took before I finally made the kite in proper.

Painted it, in cherry red, before its flight
From that day, it was my joy and pride for a fortnight;
Memories they are that brought a smile,
Of my first kite, that gave an experience worthwhile.