Radha’s eyes quested for her love, her consort,
In gardens of Vrindavan, their usual resort;
Amidst peepal, amla, kadamb and banyan trees
Asked she birds and bees, trees and breeze
If they saw Krishna, only to be answered in silence.
Full moon it was, yet dark without his presence,
Even lilies and lotuses failed to grab her attention,
While her weary heart longed for his affection.
Or it was her eyes, turned blind to nature’s charms.

She thought- ‘What beauty can match his grace?’
In his dreams, lost, she fell down on her face.
Even in pain, ‘Krishna’ was all her lips could utter,
In a blink appeared her lover, rushing to her.
Ecstasy overflowed her heart, poured out tears of joy.
Her face shone bright, lesser was the moon in sky;
Tenderly, he embraced Radha and lifted her on her toes.
Mighty he’s, yet weak to look in those eyes envied by does,
It’s such a moment when silence triumphed over words.

Power of love it is that effected him to feel vulnerable,
After all, intense devotion makes utterance ineffable;
Rested she, while he played the flute, on his shoulder.
A melody it was, mesmerises souls of every creature.
To that pleasant tune, danced they, immersed in love,
On the banks of Yamuna, with starlit heavens above;
A tale of eternal love and devotion it is, a tribute
Dedicated to thee, the writer behind my words,
I bow to thee, O mighty Lord, O divine Jagannath.