She awoke trembling in fear, wholly drenched in sweat,
Crumbling into uncontrollable tears of anguish and fret;
Once a girl full of life with dreams yet to fulfil in her vault,
Now confined to fears and tears after the sexual assault;

Once she was spirited and social, confident and comic,
But now, the mere thought of a person shudders her in panic;
Her once vivid and dreamy eyes faded into gloom and despair
And her once cheerful life turned into a desolate and dreary affair

Those scars over her skin healed with time into oblivion,
But those on her soul stayed fresh as the day they were given
Even with all that pain, she hoped for some solace in her allies,
But vultures all around pierced her soul further with judging eyes

She was not the culprit, but a victim of a demonic exploit
Yet, she was the one forced to bear a dark crucifix of guilt
Falling and failing to live through that excruciating torment
She found death as her only ray of sunshine in that twilight.