Sat I, on a beach, amidst twilight shadows
Where drifting tides touch my feet;
With Sun at rest, crescent moon shone bright,
Twinkled, a million stars, like pearls
Freshly acquired from south sea oysters;

Some, sparkled bright at centre,
Forming lovely shapes, sky was their canvas;
Some appeared to rise from water,
After a bath, at distant union of sea and sky
Illusion it is, but a great spectacle;

And, some more around a star on the ground,
A lighthouse, standing tall in pride
Beneath night’ skies, it glowed like North star;
In those dark waters, the sailors’ guide
Signalled ships, keeping dangers much at far;

A moment it was calm, pleasant
When rested I, on a bed of sand, closing eyes;
A cool breeze touched my face
Like a sweet kiss from a yearning lover’s lips;
Rhythmic tides filled music in ears

The melody, delightful, nature is its composer;
Tipsy I felt, sipping nature’s beauty
Even the best of wines can’t match that delicacy;
A night at beach under star-lit skies,
Dreamland for sure, on a scorching summer eve;