In the night, through the gloomy moors travelled a guy
Deserted were the paths with howling dogs nearby;
The moon shone red, like fresh blood on vampire’s teeth
While he drove further until his car halted at a heath
Weary was his spirit, and unbearably quiet was the night
A standstill at such a moment made it a fearful plight.

Panic struck in the heart, while his palms profusely sweat,
Unable to gather courage in those moments of fret;
Despite the fear, he dared to step out on the muddy path
And carried with him all the tools and torch he hath;
Chilling was the wind, sent shivers in already scared mind,
He checked on all sides recalling horrors of every kind.

Noticed he a movement, white and bright, at far-off sight
Hopping among the rocks causing an extreme fright,
It jumped sides in sync to his frightened steps, like a spirit;
With that scene at sight, collapsed he, by the bonnet.
His jaws clenched and on his chest developed a pressure
Fatigue crushed his body, his vision gone into a blur.

Life left his heart, dreams left his eyes, in just a short time
Death wished him in the guise of fear, in night’s prime;
At the far-off distance danced that light without any rest
After all, it’s a reflection of the moon on granite crest
Imaginative fear, often stressful and hard than the realty
It comes with a price which sometimes can be hefty