I gazed at a window, neatly painted in brown
Through which I viewed a place none has ever known
My eyes desired to explore, as I stared at the moor;
Abloom of poppies, blossoming in yellow and red
With the sight of an iron fence standing by the hill ahead.

Hovered in the sky, grey clouds, about to shower a rain
While my eyes traversed further into the fenced terrain;
Lavender and roses adorned the fence in purple and pink,
While shackled in the centre, a lovely girl in a frock;
Trapped in that spot, hoping for someone to unlock.

A place it seemed colourful, yet she remained stuck in solitude.
Her gleamy eyes met mine, asking if she can be rescued;
My heart paced to her, if I fail to serve, at least to join her
I gazed at her eyes, marvels crafted in brown
Through which I saw her soul that none has ever known.